Dr. Archie: Harry’s Journey Back to Reality – A Dissemination Strategy About Cannabis Use, Psychosis, and Pathways to Care

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  • suzanne_archieAbout Dr. Suzanne Archie
  • Field: Early Interventions in Psychotic Disorders
  • Associate Professor, McMaster University
  • Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
  • Clinical Director, Cleghorn Program: Early Intervention in Psychosis Director, Psychotic Disorders Clinic, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Dr. Archie’s recommended readings to inspire your own research in psychotic disorders’ pathways to care.

Dr. Archie’s 3 Key Works:

Harry’s Journey Back to Reality: A Dissemination Strategy About Cannabis Use, Psychosis, and Pathways to Care

1) Reflections of Young People Who Have Had a First Episode of Psychosis: What Attracted Them to Use Alcohol and Illicit Drugs?

Reference: Archie, S., Boydell, K. M., Stasiulis, E., Volpe, T., & Gladstone, B. M. (2013). Reflections of young people who have had a first episode of psychosis: what attracted them to use alcohol and illicit drugs?. Early intervention in psychiatry, 7(2), 193-199.

2) Ethnic Diversity and Pathways to Care for a First Episode of Psychosis in Ontario

Reference: Archie, S., Akhtar-Danesh, N., Norman, R., Malla, A., Roy, P., & Zipursky, R. B. (2010). Ethnic diversity and pathways to care for a first episode of psychosis in Ontario. Schizophrenia bulletin, 36(4), 688-701.

3) The Production and Dissemination of Knowledge: A Scoping Review of Arts-Based health Research

Reference: Boydell, K. M., Gladstone, B. M., Volpe, T., Allemang, B., & Stasiulis, E. (2012, January). The production and dissemination of knowledge: A scoping review of arts-based health research. In Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung/Forum: Qualitative Social Research (Vol. 13, No. 1).

Research Interests

  • Arts-based research strategies were used to integrate artistic interpretations created by the game designers to develop a communication product targeting a youth audience.
  • Harry’s Journey is essentially a knowledge translation intervention about our group’s research on hearing voices simulation, a first episode of psychosis, cannabis use, and pathways to early intervention care.
  • Archie has shown that cannabis was the most commonly used substance among young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis in Ontario, which was confirmed by her systematic review.
  • Reflecting back on their past experiences, during focus groups, young people identified cannabis use as a major contributor to their experiences of psychosis.
  • Young people who were heavily into street drugs described somewhat coercive entries into the mental health system, such as the criminal justice system or involuntary hospitalization, for a first episode of psychosis.
  • The ACE [(A)frican, (C)aribbean, (E)uropean] qualitative study identified internalized stigma and lack of trust in the healthcare system as barriers to help-seeking behaviours among young people from Black Caribbean communities.

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