Dr. Andrews: Key Career Moments

Geography, Health / Aging Studies, McMaster University, Original 3 Key Works, Social Sciences
Gavin Andrews
  • Field: Health Geography
  • Professor, McMaster University
  • Department of Health, Aging & Society

Dr. Andrews’ recommended readings to inspire your own research and/or careers in health geography.

Dr. Andrews’ 3 Key Works:

Key Career Moments

1) The Condition of Postmodernity

Reference: Harvey, D. (1989). The condition of postmodernity. Oxford: Blackwell.

This book really helped link the post-modern turns in society and academia, helping me personally see both a ‘new world’ evolving in the 1990s and a new way of doing human geography that aligned well.

2) Culture/Place/Health

Reference: Gesler, W. M., & Kearns, R. A. (2005). Culture/place/health. Routledge.

A simple book that conveys what the change from medical geography to health geography from the mid 1990s has all been about. Shows us how we don’t always have to map health and health care, and how meaning, identity and attachment are important.

3) Non-representational theory: Space, politics, affect

Reference: Thrift, N. (2008). Non-representational theory: Space, politics, affect. Routledge.

This book has inspired a mid-career change of direction in my research. It has exposed a gaping hole in social science research that had been missing a substantial aspect and part of life during its inquires; namely the moment, immediate and active – the detail what is happening, of what is ‘taking place.’ The book has helped me think about how space-time flows, is felt and participated in less than fully consciously.

Contact Info

Inspired to learn more? Reach out to Dr. Andrews

  • E-mail: andrews@mcmaster.ca
  • Brief Bio:
    • I am a health geographer who studies a range of health and health care issues including in the areas of complementary medicine, phobias and other ‘disorders’, care and accommodation for older people, sports and fitness. What holds this diverse work together is the conceptual focus on space and place.

 Please take the opportunity below to write your own thoughts and conference on these readings!


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