All reading recommendations shared on this site have been collected from experts in the field. They have either written lists for 3 Key Works, or I have curated their recommendations from their public online postings (Twitter, blogs, etc.). I always indicate which expert a recommendation was sourced from and (where applicable) I provide a link to where I found an expert’s suggestion(s). Experts’ recommendations (and descriptions of said recommendations) are their own. I do not necessarily agree with their views or their reading material, but I do share their suggestions on this site in order to make experts’ reading recommendations more accessible to each other and the Internet.

However, tagging, linking, and additional descriptions of the original shared postings are my own work. Any mis-taggings, misinterpretations, or mis-informations of the posted reading recommendations are my own fault. Please feel free to contact me at 3keyworks@gmail.com in order to correct any mistakes.

Happy interdisciplinary learning!



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