Our Vision

Dear Academics, Students & Readers:

“3 Key Works” is a website that we (Aimee Castro a.k.a. “Keeper of the Keys,” and McMaster University’s Department of Health & Aging) put together to encourage more collaborative learning, diversified reading, and networking at our university and beyond.

Our goal is to help you spread the top three key articles and books that inspired your own research. It is also an opportunity for you to share some reading materials you would recommend to students interesting in exploring your niche fields. This is a place where professors, students, and readers can go to find multiple, peer-reviewed source recommendations from experts in specific fields – sort of like a GoodReads blog written by TED speakers. We also hope that the power of social media can make the works that inspire experts more accessible to a broader community.

Write about the literature that lit up your own passion for research. Use this site as a resource to connect with your students and colleagues. Learn from each other’s recommendations.

Share your own 3 Key Works.


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