Dr. Joseph: Book: “Deportation and the Confluence of Violence Within Forensic Mental Health and Immigration Systems”

#WhatExpertsWrite, McMaster University, Social Sciences

See Dr. Ameil Joseph’s Original #3KeyWorks here.

To learn more about critical mental health, postcoloniality, and race, read Dr. Joseph’s new book,  “Deportation and the Confluence of Violence Within Forensic Mental Health and Immigration Systems” available here.

From the publisher:

“The practice of deportation for those identified with ‘mental illness’ in Canada allows contemporary conceptions, interpretations, functions of discourse, and technologies of ‘mental illness’, ‘criminality’, and ‘race’ to be studied through the shared texts of the mental health, criminal justice, and immigration systems. These systems rely on seemingly separate operations in order to continue common violent projects of segregation, confinement, removal, the application of harm to the physical body and the identification of people as inherently dehumanized. The practices and technologies of evaluation and decision making used by professionals, police, lawyers and experts are questioned in this book for their participation in the perpetuation of historical forms of colonial violence through the enforcement of racial and eugenic policies and laws in Canada.”


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