Keeper of the Keys

(You do understand why I had to use this subheading, right? How often in life can you legitimately call yourself the “Keeper of the Keys”?)

That aside, my name is Aimee Castro and I am the head coordinator of this website. I am in the process of completing my Master of Arts in Health & Aging at McMaster University, and my supervisor and I felt this website would make a unique independent study course.

Unsurprisingly, my initial inspiration for this website came from my teachers. Throughout my post-secondary career, I have had many professors and friends (especially @Richard Bernier of McGill’s Newman Centre) suggest fantastic articles and books that I would never have come across without their expert recommendations. My other motivation came from my love of both social media and reading: I thought it would be wonderful to have a resource where professors and students from different disciplines could come together to read, write about, and discuss each other’s favourite academic works.

If you have trouble understanding the logo, blame me: my skills are not in graphic design. It’s supposed to represent a mortarboard (see the tassel?) and a key. I hope that this website can serve as a key to unlock new paths in academic research for you.

So, here it is: our attempt at combining the expertise of TED talks with the social networking opportunities of GoodReads.


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